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Summer is Finally Here! July Promotions.

Silky Smooth Skin for the Summer!
25% off All Body Waxing Services
(Mention this promo at checkout to receive discount.  Promo only applies to body waxing services and does not include facial waxing.  Deal cannot be combined with another.)
Summer is here and it’s time to rid your body of all that unwanted hair you have been holding on to that kept you warm this past winter.  Whether you are a waxing Veteran or interested in waxing an area you have never tried before, come in and let our professional take care of you!
Click   HERE  for the list of body waxing services.
Don’t be scared!  We are here to help and women aren’t the only ones getting waxed.  We keep things P-R-O-fessoinal and men are always welcome!!
Tame Your Frizz and Save Time Styling!
Tame GK
Photo Credit: gkhair.com
$100 OFF the Global Keratin Hair Treatment
(Original price starts at $300.  Mention this promo at time of checkout.  Deal cannot be combined with another.)
If you usually style or love your hair straight, a GK Hair Straightening Treatment could shorten your blow dry time by 40-60%.  The GK Hair Treatment with Juvexin formula penetrates the cuticle to improve texture, enhance manageability and reduces frizz for 3-5 months.
Call and book your free consultation to see how the treatment will help you improve your hair.