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October Promotions at Connection Salon

Take Advantage of our Healthy Skin Promotion this Month!
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The Dermalogica Skin Treatment including a Custom Skincare Kit for $110!!
(That’s up to a $25 savings.   Mention this deal at checkout.  EXCLUDES AGE SMART SKIN KIT/MEDIBAC SKIN KIT; price would increase to compensate for the promotion.   Sales Tax will be applied for the cost of the kit at the end of checkout.  This deal cannot be combined with another.)
The Dermalogica Skin Treatment is customized for your skin’s specific needs!!  Our skin changes throughout the year so now is a great time to treat yourself and stay fresh moving in to the Fall Season.  The best part is that this treatment will include one of our custom skin kits.  A hassle free and result driven treatment with a homecare regimine in one visit!  Book your appointment today!!
Tame Your Frizz and Save Time Styling!
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$100 OFF the Global Keratin Hair Treatment
(Original price starts at $300.  Mention this promo at time of checkout.  Deal cannot be combined with another.)
If you usually style or love your hair straight, a GK Hair Straightening Treatment could shorten your blow dry time by 40-60%.  The GK Hair Treatment with Juvexin formula penetrates the cuticle to improve texture,enhance manageability and reduces frizz for 3-5 months.
Call and book your free consultation to see how the treatment will help you improve your hair.